Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Avon Simply Pretty Lip And Cheek Tint

Sorry to those who already viewed this post. I just felt the need to repost this due to background glitches. Happy reading! 

Who doesn't want kissable lips and rosy cheeks?

My mom's gifted with these, so am guessin' am a bit cursed.

Mine's considerably tinted, but more often than not, my lips are chapped and I look pale.

I already tried drinking 20 glasses a day thinking that maybe, I just needed a well in me. :p

Sadly, didn't work. :(

I wasn't used to wearing make up, but just to avoid looking like a corpse, I tried experimenting on different shades.

I finally met my lips' soulmate in another product's red lipsticks, but only with Avon's Simply Pretty Cheek Tint that I found naturally-looking happy cheekies. :)

Unlike powderish blushes, Avon's Cheek Tint doesn't come off with sweat, not even with water, unless you use soap. 

I loved their roll on tint, though. Please bring it back. *_*

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